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  • Compound Potato Chips Production LineThe QH compound potato chips production line is composed of blender, dough sheeter, forming machine, deep fryer, oven, cooling rack, and so on. Developed on the basis of advanced foreign technology, it is the most advanced potato chips production equipment at home.
  • Instant Noodle Production LineConsisting of kneading machine, forming machine, cooking machine, cut-off machine, electric fryer or steam fryer, and cooling machine, the QH automatic instant noodle production line is a new product developed based on similar foreign products and the demand of mass consumer market in China.
  • Wafer Stick/Egg Roll Production LineDeveloped on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the automatic double-headed two-color wafer stick or egg roll production line adopts natural gas as the fuel. It successfully solves the problem of high cost of the traditional egg roll machines.
  • Shachima Production LineThe shachima production line is made up of powder mixing machine, dough pressing and cutting machine, frying machine, sugar spraying mixer, flattening machine, conveyor belt, etc. It replaces the traditional manual production with mechanized flow process, thus greatly improving the working efficiency.
  • Multifunction Pastry/Cookie ExtruderThe multifunction pastry or cookie extruder can produce various pastries and cookies with special patterns through dough extrusion. It adopts vacuum suction system, which ensures the integrity of the dough, thus yielding products with accurate weight.
  • Walnut Sweet Cake MachineBased on the market demand, the walnut sweet cake machine is developed by combining the handmade craft of walnut sweet cake. It can be equipped with several types of ovens, including the tunnel-style steel (net) belt oven, tunnel type chain oven, tunnel-type hand push oven, and hot air rotary oven.
  • Mooncake Production LineWith a compact structure, the computer-controlled automatic mooncake production line has many functions. It can produce mooncakes with multiple shapes. The production speed, product weight, and the ratio of shell to stuffing can be arbitrarily adjusted within a predetermined range.
  • French Bread/Bun Production LineThe French bread or bun production line is composed of two-speed flour-mixing machine, automatic cycle dough pressing machine, dough-dividing machine, cut-off machine, forming machine with three compound rods, fermenting box, rotating oven, etc.
  • Baking EquipmentAs the most advanced food baking machine in China, our baking equipment is particularly suitable for the production of high-class bread. It uses diesel, natural gas or electricity for heating. It is made of stainless steel, which is clean and sanitary.
  • Mixing MachineThe mixing machine is indispensable in the food production process. Capable of beating eggs, it is particularly suitable for the candy factories. As the most advanced mixing equipment in China, our product is equipped with an automatic lifting device and can thus greatly reduce labor intensity.

In order to meet the needs of different food producers, our company has developed several leisure food making machines for the production of potato chips, instant noodle, egg roll, shachima, cookie, French bread, mooncake, etc. With a high degree of automation, our snack food equipment is easy to operate. The compound potato chips production line, instant noodle production line, wafer stick or egg roll production line, shaqima production line, walnut sweet cake machine, mooncake production line and French bread or bun production line can finish the whole process from food ingredients preparation to cooling after finished. Our multi-function pastry or cookie extruder can produce various pastries and cookies with beautiful patterns. For food factories, the mixing machine is indispensable. We provide two types of this product with the capacity of 70L and 80L.

Integrating development, production and marketing, our company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 and part of our products have obtained CE certificate. Welcome to cooperate with us.

As a specialized snack food equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Qinhui Machinery also offers biscuit production line, hard candy production line, chocolate pouring production line, lollipop candy packaging machine, and much more.

Other Products
  • Automatic Pillow Pack Candy Packaging MachineThe QH-988E automatic pillow pack candy packaging machine applies to the packaging of candies with regular or some special shapes, such as rectangle, square, disc, sphere, cylinder, oval, etc. Adopting frequency control and photoelectric tracking, this equipment is easy to operate and it runs stably.
  • Double Twist Candy Packaging Machine The QH-S800 double twist candy packaging machine is equipped with a candy arranging tray. The automatic photoelectric detection and tracking ensures 100% packaging rate. Frequency control is adopted and the packaging speed is 200 to 550 pieces per minute.