French Bread/Bun Production Line

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French Bread/Bun Production Line French Bread/Bun Production Line

The French bread or bun production line is composed of two-speed flour-mixing machine, automatic cycle dough pressing machine, dough-dividing machine, cut-off machine, forming machine with three compound rods, fermenting box, rotating oven, etc. With a compact structure, this production line is controlled by computer and is easy to operate. It has stable quality and high production efficiency. In addition, the filled bread can be produced by adding a stuffing machine.

Main Technical Parameters

Automatic Cycle Dough Pressing Machine
Overall Dimensions: L1320mm×W1000mm×H1400mm
Total Weight: 800kg
Power: 2.2KW

Dough-dividing Machine
Overall Dimensions: 2970×620×1400mm
Total Weight: 350kg
Power: 0.4kw

Cut-off Machine
Overall Dimensions: 2950×620×1420mm
Total Weight: 350kg
Power: 0.4kw

Forming Machine with Three Compound Rods
Overall Dimensions: 3300×680×1500mm
Total Weight: 900kg
Power: 3.4kw

Products made by this equipment are shown in the following pictures.
French Bread/Bun Production Line French Bread/Bun Production Line

As a specialized French bread /bun production line manufacturer and supplier in China, Qinhui Machinery also provides hard candy production line, biscuit production line, cake production line, and multifunction pastry/cookie extruder, among others.

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