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  • Syrup Cooking EquipmentThe QH600/1200 automatic weighing and batching sugar dissolving system is a fully automatic PLC programming control system. It can automatically mix and pre-cook sugars. The produced syrup can be transported to one or more production lines for use.
  • Candy Forming MachineOur company provides three types of candy forming machine, including QH350 hard candy type, QH40/60 lollipop type, and QH300 marshmallow inflator. The QH350 hard candy type product can produce hard candies with the core amount of 15%-30% and the production capacity is 400kg per hour.
  • Hard Candy Production LineThe fourth generation QH series automatic PLC control vacuum film continuous cooking hard candy production line developed based on twenty years of experience is currently the most advanced hard candy pouring equipment at home. It has a compact structure and a high degree of automation.
  • Deposited Lollipop Production LineThe fully automatic deposited lollipop production line is currently the most advanced lollipop pouring equipment in the domestic market. Integrating machinery, electricity and gas, it has a compact and reasonable structure as well as a high degree of automation.
  • Jelly Candy Production LineThe QH150Q/300Q/450Q/600Q jelly candy production line is developed by the advanced production technology based on the market demand of jelly candies with multiple shapes or colors. As the ideal equipment to continuously produce high class jelly candies ...
  • Toffee Candy Production LineThe toffee candy production line adopts international famous brand of PLC which has more stable performance. The pouring speed, holding temperature as well as vacuum cooking temperature and time can be automatically controlled by programming.
  • Central Filled Soft Candy/Toffee Production LineThe QH300 central filled soft candy or toffee production line is one of the main products provided by Qinhui. With the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more attention to the appearance, taste, nutrition, health care and other aspects of candies.
  • Die Formed Candy Production LineThe QH350 die formed hard candy production line adopts the vacuum continuous cooking of sugar, ensuring the quality of the massecuite. Filling, pulling and forming are synchronously controlled and the independent forming way yields better filling effect.
  • Shaped Lollipop Production LineConsisting of batch roller, strip pulling machine, specially-shaped lollipop forming machine and slope conveyor, the shaped lollipop production line can complete the whole process of automatic filling, stick inserting, forming and discharging.
  • Crutch Lollipop Production LineThe QH-300 crutch lollipop production line is specially designed for the production of various thread-shaped sugars, such as crutch lollipop, big baby pop and many other types of lollipops. This equipment is composed of batch roller, insulation strip pulling machine, boarding machine and cooling conveyor belt.
  • Starch Mould Jelly Candy Depositing LineThe QH-200 starch mould jelly candy depositing line can produce jam filled two-color QQ sugar, marshmallow, and other types of soft candies. It adopts the starch mould automatic imprinting device and the mould can be replaced according to the required shape of the candy.
  • 2-in-1 Lollipop Forming and Packing MachineThe QH-225 2-in-1 lollipop forming and packing machine is the new product developed by our company. According to the special processing requirements of the candy production line, our product can complete the whole process of strip pulling, slicing, candy filling, stick inserting, continuous press forming ...

Our company offers various syrup cooking and candy manufacturing machines. We have also developed a series of pouring and packing equipment for toffees, bonbons, lollipops, hard candies, jelly candies, etc. Candy manufacturers of all sizes can find the right product in our company.

There are several pieces of syrup cooking equipment for you to choose, including QH600/1200 weighing and batching sugar dissolving system, QH300 dedicated cooker for toffees, etc. We also provide stable and reliable devices for the die molding of hard candies or lollipops as well as the inflating of marshmallow. The fully automatic PLC controlled hard candy equipment can produce bonbons, striped candies, xylitol, etc. It can be interchanged with the lollipop production line. By replacing part devices and molds, our toffee production line can produce spherical or flat stereo lollipops. The jelly production line is used to produce jelly candies with single or double colors. The 2-in-1 abnormal lollipop forming and packing machine is able to complete the whole process of pulling, cutting and packing. We also provide several candy production lines which can finish the main process of candy production, such as central-filled soft candy and toffee production line, die formed candy production line, starch mould jelly candy depositing line, etc.

Our company is an experienced candy equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include biscuit production line, starch mould jelly candy depositing line, baking equipment, jelly candy production line, and more.

Other Products
  • Chocolate ConcheThe chocolate conche is the main equipment in chocolate production line. It is mainly used for the fine grinding of chocolate syrup. Our company provides five types of this product with the volume of 20L, 100L, 500L, 1500L and 3000L.
  • Chocolate Storage TankOur chocolate storage tank stores the chocolate syrup after fine grinding in environment with the rated constant temperature. The syrup is mixed up, down, left and right to prevent the grease inside the syrup separating.