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QH600/1200 Weighting and Batching Sugar Dissolving System QH600/1200 Weighting and Batching Sugar Dissolving System
The QH600/1200 automatic weighing and batching sugar dissolving system is a fully automatic PLC programming control system. It can automatically mix and pre-cook sugars. The produced syrup can be transported to one or more production lines for use. Necessary for continuous production, this system is suitable for the automatic production of candies and beverages.

Sugar, glucose, and other excipients are weighed and automatically fuse and dissolve. Liquid excipients are accurately weighed and pumped into the mixing tank under the control of PLC system. The recipe can be prepared in advance in the PLC. All raw materials are fully mixed and the melted syrup is pumped into the temporary storage tank for use by other equipment.

Model QH600 QH1200
Production Capacity 500kg 1000kg
Total Power 8kw 12kw
Steam Pressure and Consumption 0.3-0.6MPa, 100kg/h 0.3-0.6MPa, 180kg/h
Compressed Air Pressure and Consumption0.4-0.6MPa, 0.5L/H 0.4-0.6MPa, 0.7L/H
Overall Dimensions 2500×1300×3500mm 3000×1500×3500mm
Weight 1600kg 2000kg
QH200/300 Sugar Dissolving Pot QH200/300 Sugar Dissolving Pot
Volume 300L
Working Pressure 0.15MPa
Operating Temperature 120℃
Gear PumpGear Pump
Diameter of the Inlet and Outlet 1''
Flow 3.3m3/h
Discharge Pressure 0.32Mpa
Motor 1.1kw
QH200/300 Sugar Storage TankQH200/300 Sugar Storage Tank
Power 0.75kw
Diameter of the Storage Tank Φ700mm
Overall Dimensions Φ800mm ×1700mm
QH300 Dedicated Cooker for Toffees QH300 Dedicated Cooker for Toffees

This machine is specially designed for the production of candies with scorch aroma, such as toffee, caramel, etc. The steam jacket heating and internal scraping stirring effectively prevent the massecuite coking during cooking.

Production Capacity 300kg/h
Power of the Complete Machine 5.5kw
Weight of the Complete Machine 1500kg
Syrup Weight of Single Pot160kg
Cooking Time 35min
Steam 300kg/h, 0.7Mpa
Overall Dimensions 1800×1450×2350mm
QH400 Vacuum Continuous Cooking Machine QH400 Vacuum Continuous Cooking Machine

The syrup goes from the dissolving pot through the dosing pump to the heating tube, where the syrup is heated and concentrated by the steam. Then it goes into the intermediate storage pot. Finally it goes into the vacuum pot through the dump valve. Under the action of the vacuum, the syrup changes into the finished products. This machine has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, easy operation, stable performance, convenient maintenance, long lifespan, etc.

Production Capacity 350-400kg/h
Heating Area 2.45m2
Steam 0.5-0.7Mpa, about 100kg /h
Temperature of the Syrup When Entering the Cooking Machine 110-115℃
Matched Power Dosing Pump 0.75kw, Vacuum Pump 5.5kw
Temperature of the Discharged Product 135-145℃
Overall Dimensions 1900×1700×2300mm
Weight of the Complete Machine 800kg
Ultra-thin Film Vacuum Continuous Syrup Cooking Machine Ultra-thin Film Vacuum Continuous Syrup Cooking Machine

This cooking machine adopts the ultra-thin vacuum instantaneous concentrator which can also be used as a preheater. The concentrator has internal and external heating chambers. Flowing in the gap between the internal and external heating chambers, the concentrated material is heated on both sides.

Water inside the sugar is heated, vaporized, superheated in the concentrator to form steam bubbles covered by massecuite film, which are called sugar bubble base. The steam bubble will fracture after the sugar bubble base enters the vacuum evaporation chamber. Water vapor is vacuumed out and the water inside the massecuite film will be further evaporated. After water balance, the sugar film falls and accumulates, which is the finished massecuite. According to quality requirements of various massecuites, first or secondary concentration can be adopted.

Production Capacity 300kg /h
Compressed Air>0.3Mpa, 500L /H
Steam 0.4-0.6MPa, 600-800kg/h
Vacuum >0.2MPa, 5t/h, <30 ℃
Power 28kw
Overall Dimensions 3200×1500×4200mm
Weight 4000kg
Material 304 Stainless Steel
QH300/450/600 Vacuum Continuous Film Syrup Cooking Machine QH300/450/600 Vacuum Continuous Film Syrup Cooking Machine

This cooking machine is composed of syrup dosing pump, preheater, vacuum thin film evaporator, water ring vacuum pump, discharge pump, temperature and pressure measuring instruments, electrical control box, and other components. All these parts are set up on the same rack and are connected by various pipes and valves. With high production capacity and easy operation, this machine can produce sugar with high quality and a high degree of transparency.

Production Capacity300/450/600kg/h
Steam Consumption 150/200/250kg/h
Steam Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Total Power 13.2/16.7/22kw
Overall Dimensions 2400×2000×2400mm
Weight of the Complete Machine1200/1300/1400kg
QH300 Continuous Syrup Cooking and Inflatable Blender for Milk CandiesQH300 Continuous Syrup Cooking and Inflatable Blender for Milk Candies

The imported advanced QH300 continuous syrup cooking and inflatable blender adopts the heating, concentrating, stirring and inflating of traditional inflatable candies for the highly inflatable candy production line. This machine is suitable to produce toffee, nougat, milk sugar, chews candy, etc.

Production Capacity 300kg/h
Main Motor Power11kw
Vacuum Pump Power <4kw
Steam <200kg/h, 0.7MPa
Cooking Weight of Single Pot1500kg
Compressed Air <0.25m3, 0.6MPa
Inflation Pressure0.3MPa
Overall Dimensions 2500×1500×3800mm

As a specialized syrup cooking equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Qinhui Machinery also offers lollipop candy packaging machine, multifunction pastry/cookie extruder, biscuit production line, and more.

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