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Our company provides three types of candy forming machine, including QH350 hard candy type, QH40/60 lollipop type, and QH300 marshmallow inflator. The QH350 hard candy type product can produce hard candies with the core amount of 15%-30% and the production capacity is 400kg per hour. The QH40 lollipop type product can produce 1500 to 2500kg lollipops after eight hours and that number is 2500 to 4000 for the QH60 product. With the motor power of 8kw, the QH300 marshmallow inflator has an hourly output of 200 to 400kg.

QH350 Hard Candy Forming Machine

QH350 Hard Candy Forming Machine
With a compact and reasonable structure, this product is suitable for the production of hard candies, milk candies, crunchy candies, and cased confectionery. It is one of the key indispensable devices to produce hard candies. It can produce candies with identical shape and weight. There are few sprinkles and little noise.

Production Capacity 400kg/h
Motor Power2.2kw
Weight of the Complete Machine 700kg
Core Amount 15%-30%
Overall Dimensions 1250×700×1350mm

QH40/60 Lollipop Forming Machine QH40/60 Lollipop Forming Machine
This new type of candy machine is developed by integrating the imported advanced technology and domestic candy craftsmanship. It is suitable for the production of spherical lollipops with different specifications. It can also be used to produce spherical lollipops with fillings. Based on the requirements of customers, we can also modify this machine to produce other shapes of lollipops.

Model QH-40 QH-60
Production Capacity 1500-2500kg/8h 2500-4000kg/8h
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Overall Dimensions 1200×780×1360mm 1500×1000×1200mm
Weight 800 1100

QH300 Marshmallow Inflator QH300 Marshmallow Inflator
This QH300 marshmallow inflator is an automatically controlled continuous mixing and inflating unit. With the massecuite inflatable density of 0.5kg/L or less, it can be used to produce cake, nougat, marshmallow, aerated chocolate, etc. This equipment has reliable performance and the produced products have high quality.

Production Capacity200-400kg/h
Total Power8kw
Overall Dimensions2500×900×1500mm

Qinhui Machinery is a candy forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including shaped lollipop production line, mixing machine, fully automatic wafer production line, and more.

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