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  • Chocolate ConcheThe chocolate conche is the main equipment in chocolate production line. It is mainly used for the fine grinding of chocolate syrup. Our company provides five types of this product with the volume of 20L, 100L, 500L, 1500L and 3000L.
  • Chocolate Storage TankOur chocolate storage tank stores the chocolate syrup after fine grinding in environment with the rated constant temperature. The syrup is mixed up, down, left and right to prevent the grease inside the syrup separating.
  • Chocolate Pouring Production LineIntegrating mechanical power, electrical power and pneumatic power, the chocolate pouring production line can complete the entire process of mold drying, pouring, vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying, etc. As the ideal high-class chocolate production equipment, it can produce pure chocolate ...
  • Chocolate Coating Machine/EnroberThe QH series chocolate coating machine or enrober is a special piece of equipment for the production of chocolate coating food. It can coat chocolate syrup on the surface of many kinds of food, such as candy, cake, biscuit, etc.
  • Automatic Snickers Sugar Bars Forming LineThe QH-600 automatic snickers sugar bars forming line can be used to produce various filled sugar bars. Adopting fully automatic continuous production technology, it has a high production capacity. Equipped with a chocolate coating machine, it can produce various chocolate composite products.

Chocolate conche, storage tank, pouring production line, chocolate coating machine and automatic snickers sugar bars forming line are important chocolate making equipment. To meet different requirements of different customers, we provide these machines with multiple specifications, so customers can choose according to the actual needs.

Our chocolate conche can grind the chocolate syrup to 20-25μm. Uniform mixing can be ensured by storing the grinded chocolate syrup in the chocolate storage tank. The chocolate pouring production line can produce pure, filled or two-color chocolates. Our chocolate coating machine or enrober can fully meet your requirement to produce biscuits or cakes with a layer of chocolate on the surface. With a high degree of automation, the automatic snickers sugar bars forming line can save a lot of labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Qinhui Machinery is a specialized chocolate making equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including chocolate pouring production line, biscuit production line, and candy forming machine, etc.

Other Products
  • Compound Potato Chips Production LineThe QH compound potato chips production line is composed of blender, dough sheeter, forming machine, deep fryer, oven, cooling rack, and so on. Developed on the basis of advanced foreign technology, it is the most advanced potato chips production equipment at home.
  • Instant Noodle Production LineConsisting of kneading machine, forming machine, cooking machine, cut-off machine, electric fryer or steam fryer, and cooling machine, the QH automatic instant noodle production line is a new product developed based on similar foreign products and the demand of mass consumer market in China.