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  • Automatic Pillow Pack Candy Packaging MachineThe QH-988E automatic pillow pack candy packaging machine applies to the packaging of candies with regular or some special shapes, such as rectangle, square, disc, sphere, cylinder, oval, etc. Adopting frequency control and photoelectric tracking, this equipment is easy to operate and it runs stably.
  • Double Twist Candy Packaging Machine The QH-S800 double twist candy packaging machine is equipped with a candy arranging tray. The automatic photoelectric detection and tracking ensures 100% packaging rate. Frequency control is adopted and the packaging speed is 200 to 550 pieces per minute.
  • Lollipop Candy Packaging MachineThe QH-200 lollipop candy packaging machine is the ideal equipment for large, medium, and small food factories to package spherical lollipops. Its color code tracking system is controlled by micro-computer and is thus accurate and reliable.
  • Electronic Weighing Packaging MachineThe QH-420/520 electronic weighing packaging machine is composed of the host machine, ten-head weigher, support platform for the electronic weigher, Z-type material hoist, and conveyor. It is suitable for the packaging requiring high measurement accuracy or for packaging of friable bulk materials ...
  • Chain Hopper Type Vertical Packaging MachineThe chain hopper type vertical packaging machine can complete the whole process of filling, bag making, date printing and inflating or exhausting. It is applicable to the packaging of various candies, puffed foods, shrimp chips, peanuts, popcorns, rice, chocolates, melon seeds, and other granular ...
  • High Speed Multifunction Pillow Type Packaging Machine The high speed multifunction pillow type packaging machine adopts human-computer interface, making the setting of parameter more convenient. It is controlled by the dual frequency converter (Customers can also choose servo motor). Once the length of the bag is set, the bag is cut off.
  • Biscuit Sandwiching and Packing Machine The biscuit sandwiching and packing machine is a piece of high-performance automation equipment designed and produced by our company. Its main electrical components are imported. The adopted servo system ensures accurate location tracking as well as strong stability and applicability.
  • Chocolate Folding Packaging MachineThe QH-200III chocolate folding packaging machine produced by our company can be used to pack rectangular or square chocolates or hard candies. The positioning length and width of the packing paper are 40-90mm and 40-110mm respectively.

In order to meet the demand of packaging products for food manufacturers, our company has produced multiple food packaging machines, such as automatic pillow pack candy packaging machine, lollipop candy packing machine, biscuit sandwiching and packing machine, chocolate folding packing machine, etc.

Our automatic pillow pack candy packaging machine can pack various candies with regular or irregular shapes. The double twist candy packing equipment can achieve a packaging rate of 100% and the lollipop candy packaging product can use BOPP+CPP, PET, CPP or other composite materials to pack. For friable bulk materials or for applications where high measurement accuracy is required, our electronic weighing packaging device is a good choice. The QH-320 chain hopper type vertical packing equipment is able to pack various granular, strip, and sheet solid materials. Equipped with inflating and date printing devices, our high speed multifunction pillow type product can realize more functions. There is no need to arrange biscuits manually by using our biscuit sandwiching and packing machine, which can thus greatly reduce labor costs. The automatic alarming system of the chocolate folding packaging device ensures safe production.

Absorbing international advanced technology, we also adopt world's leading control systems and components, ensuring stable operation and long lifespan of our products.

Qinhui Machinery is a professional packing equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including snack food equipment, chocolate making equipment, candy equipment, biscuit / cake equipment, and much more.

Other Products
  • Biscuit Production LineThe QH biscuit production line is the first choice for producing various hard and soft biscuits. By changing mold and formula according to the site requirements and processing ones, it can produce a variety of high-end biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits, vegetable biscuits, etc.
  • Gas Tunnel OvenUsing liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as fuel, our Gas Tunnel Oven features rapid heating rate, environmental protection and energy conservation. The automatic PID temperature control system is responsible for constant temperature controlling and the temperature is controlled by zones.