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Baking Equipment Baking Equipment

As the most advanced food baking machine in China, our baking equipment is particularly suitable for the production of high-class bread. It uses diesel, natural gas or electricity for heating. It is made of stainless steel, which is clean and sanitary. The combination of hot air convection, hot air circulation and slow rotation of the trolley enables each part of the food to be heated evenly. The water spray humidification device ensures that the standard requirement of humidity is met inside the furnace, thus yielding soft and delicious food.

Capacity (kg/h)
Baking Time
Range (℃)
Max. Power
Overall Dimensions
Heating Element
QH-505015-3020-300382000×1400×2500800Electric Heating Pipe
QH-10010015-3020-300562400×1800×25001250Electric Heating Pipe
Products produced by this baking machine are shown below.
Baking Equipment Baking Equipment

Qinhui Machinery is a China-based baking equipment manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as chocolate pouring production line, double twist candy packaging machine, jelly candy production line, and cake production line.

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