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Walnut Sweet Cake Machine

Based on the market demand, the walnut sweet cake machine is developed by combining the handmade craft of walnut sweet cake. It can be equipped with several types of ovens, including the tunnel-style steel (net) belt oven, tunnel type chain oven, tunnel-type hand push oven, and hot air rotary oven.

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Reasonably designed, our product is safe to use. It is the ideal equipment for the production of walnut sweet cakes. This equipment is composed of molding system and pallet chain conveyor system. These two systems are driven by speed regulating motor, so the production rate is adjustable. The molding system is equipped with a feed roll, a mold roll, and a rubber roll. Put the flour and other ingredients into the hopper. Walnut sweet cake blank will be formed after the feeding and extruding of the feed roll and mold roll. The blank is then transported to the baking tray through the canvas belt dragged by the rubber roll. Distance between the cakes can be determined according to the production needs. In addition, this walnut sweet cake machine is equipped with multiple regulatory mechanisms, such as canvas tensioning deviation-adjusting institution, right-and-left un-and-down adjusting mechanism of dough-dividing knife, canvas sticky material cleaning and dough scraping mechanism, etc.

Products made by this equipment are shown in the following pictures.

Walnut Sweet Cake Machine Walnut Sweet Cake Machine

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