Mooncake Production Line

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Mooncake Production Line

With a compact structure, the computer-controlled automatic mooncake production line has many functions. It can produce mooncakes with multiple shapes. The production speed, product weight, and the ratio of shell to stuffing can be arbitrarily adjusted within a predetermined range. It can also produce various double-filled foods, such as meatball, glue pudding, red bean bun, pineapple cake, egg yolk cake, jujube paste cake, etc.

Capable of memorizing characteristics of hundreds of products, this equipment adopts human-computer interface, which is easy to operate. Omron control elements are adopted, which run stably and are convenient to adjust. In addition, our product is equipped with a special adjustment mechanism for the rounding of cake blank.

PowerWeightWeight of the
Produced Mooncake
Ratio of Shell to StuffingOverall Dimensions
QH-5070-100 pcs./min30V 50Hz 1.0kw300kg15-150g2:8-8:2 (controlled by computer)1670×920×1290
QH-20050-80 pcs./min30V 50Hz 0.2kw100kg15-180g1800×860×1000
QH-60060-120 pcs./min30V 50Hz 1.0kw300kg15-180g1250×2800×1400
Mooncakes produced by this equipment are shown below.
Mooncake Production Line Mooncake Production Line

Qinhui Machinery is a professional mooncake production line manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including jelly candy production line, high speed multifunction pillow type packaging machine, cake production line, and more.

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