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Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder

The multifunction pastry or cookie extruder can produce various pastries and cookies with special patterns through dough extrusion. It adopts vacuum suction system, which ensures the integrity of the dough, thus yielding products with accurate weight. The formed pastries and cookies have clear decorative patterns and attractive appearance. After baking, they are delicious and tempting. There are various molds for customers to choose. In addition, our product has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

Our company provides QH multifunction pastry or cookie extruder and QHS400 two-color cookie extruder. The QH product adopts gap extrusion for forming and wire cutting for dividing the food. It has four different types, which are 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. The maximum torsion angle for these four types of product is 400°. Product with larger size has a larger production capacity. The QHS400 equipment is equipped with a 600×400mm baking tray. With the extrusion speed of 0-70t/min, it can produce 200kg cookies per hour.

Main Technical Parameters
FunctionGap Extrusion, Wire Cutting
Production Capacity (kg/h)100-185200-285400-485500-585
Max. Torsion Angle400°
Power (kw)0.752.23.57.5
Overall Dimensions (mm)1460×960×12401560×1160×12401660×1360×12401760×1560×1240
Weight (kg)5607509501200
Products made by this machine are shown below.
Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder
QHS400 Two-color Cookie Extruder
Main Technical Parameters
Extrusion Speed0-70t/min
Size of the Baking Tray600×400mm
Overall Dimensions2500×900×1350mm
Pictures of the products made by the QHS400 machine are as follows.
Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder Multifunction Pastry/Cookie Extruder

We are a professional multifunction pastry/cookie extruder manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including walnut sweet cake machine, fully automatic wafer production line, hard candy production line, and more.

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