Food Machinery Manufacturer

Established in 1983, the is a professional food processing and packaging machinery manufacturer in China. We specialize in the production of various types of food-related equipment, including the biscuit equipment, candy production line, snack food production line, chocolate making equipment, and food packaging machine, to name a few. We use our over thirty years of experience to focus on technology innovation as well as providing high quality products to our domestic and international customers.

  • Biscuit Production Line
  • Biscuit Production LineThe QH biscuit production line is the first choice for producing various hard and soft biscuits. By changing mold and formula according to the site requirements and processing ones, it can produce a variety of high-end biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda biscuits, vegetable biscuits, etc. Advanced electrical components are used, so the quality of the equipment can be ...
  • Cake Production Line
  • Cake Production LineOur QH series cake production line can be used to produce various filled pies, European-style cakes, and other cakes with different specifications. Weight of the cake can be adjusted from 10 to 100 grams according to customers' need. Controlled by computer programs, this equipment features easy operation, stable running, and high efficiency. Therefore, it is well received by food factories.
  • Fully Automatic Wafer Production Line
  • Fully Automatic Wafer Production LineCombing advantageous of similar products from both home and abroad, the fully automatic wafer production line adopts electric heating as the heat source. It successfully solves the problems of high production cost and large color difference of the biscuit surface. It is composed of beating system, automatic feeding device, tunnel oven, transporting device, cooling device, coating machine ...
  • Hard Candy Production Line
  • Hard Candy Production LineThe fourth generation QH series automatic PLC control vacuum film continuous cooking hard candy production line developed based on twenty years of experience is currently the most advanced hard candy pouring equipment at home. It has a compact structure and a high degree of automation. With a high working efficiency, this equipment can produce crystal sugar, bonbons, striped sugar, xylitol ...
  • Deposited Lollipop Production Line
  • Deposited Lollipop Production LineThe fully automatic deposited lollipop production line is currently the most advanced lollipop pouring equipment in the domestic market. Integrating machinery, electricity and gas, it has a compact and reasonable structure as well as a high degree of automation. It has high working efficiency and can produce crystal dandies, bonbons, streaks sugar, xylitol, and sugarless lollipops with single color ...
  • Jelly Candy Production Line
  • Jelly Candy Production LineThe QH150Q/300Q/450Q/600Q jelly candy production line is developed by the advanced production technology based on the market demand of jelly candies with multiple shapes or colors. As the ideal equipment to continuously produce high class jelly candies, our product can produce QQ candies with single or double colors.
  • Chocolate Pouring Production Line
  • Chocolate Pouring Production LineIntegrating mechanical power, electrical power and pneumatic power, the chocolate pouring production line can complete the entire process of mold drying, pouring, vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying, etc. As the ideal high-class chocolate production equipment, it can produce pure chocolate, filled chocolate, two-color chocolate and particle mixing pouring chocolate.
  • French Bread/Bun Production Line
  • French Bread/Bun Production LineThe French bread or bun production line is composed of two-speed flour-mixing machine, automatic cycle dough pressing machine, dough-dividing machine, cut-off machine, forming machine with three compound rods, fermenting box, rotating oven, etc. With a compact structure, this production line is controlled by computer and is easy to operate. It has stable quality and high production efficiency.